About Phi Kappa Psi - NJ Beta

​National History

            Phi Kappa Psi (ΦΚΨ), also known as Phi Psi, is an American collegiate social fraternity. February 19, 1852, we were founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Our founders, William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore, decided to found the fraternity based on "the great joy of serving others."

            Today, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity has a total of 102 chapters, 4 colonies, 51 alumni associations, approximately 5,300 undergraduate members, and 119,000 lifetime initiates. Our national philanthropic partner is The Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Our official colors are hunter green and cardinal red.

What We Stand For




The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is an association of men of integrity who strive to develop the individual in his intellect, in his involvement in the community, and in his faith. Recognizing and valuing the diversity of all, the Fraternity unites the principals and traditions of our past with the resources and creativity of our present to provide an environment in which our members can realize their highest potential. To this end, we offer a lifelong experience, guided by our faith in a power greater than ourselves, in contributing to the betterment of both the individual and the community.




"I believe that Phi Kappa Psi is a brotherhood of honorable men, courteous and cultured, who pledge throughout their lives to be generous, compassionate, and loyal comrades;

I believe that I am honor bound to strive manfully for intellectual, moral, and spiritual excellence; to help and forgive my Brothers; to discharge promptly all just debts; to give aid and sympathy to all who are less fortunate;

I believe that I am honor bound to strengthen my character and deepen my integrity; to counsel and guide my Brothers who stray from their obligations; to respect and emulate my Brothers who practice moderation in their manners and morals; to be ever mindful that loyalty to my fraternity should not weaken loyalty to my college, but rather increase devotion to it, to my country, and to my God;

I believe that to all I meet, wherever I go, I represent not only Phi Kappa Psi, but indeed the spirit of all fraternities; thus I must ever conduct myself so as to bring respect and honor not to myself alone, but also to my Fraternity;

To the fulfillment of these beliefs, of these ideals, in the noble perfection of Phi Kappa Psi, I pledge my life and my sacred honor."

History of New Jersey Beta




Orginally chartered in 1967, we were rechartered in April of 2010 on the beautiful campus of Monmouth University. As of today we have 45 active brothers, and many alumni who continue to help out the Fraternity in any way they can whether it is through donations, advice, or advertising our events. Our chapter prides ourselves on academics, community service, diversity, and positive relationships with fellow greeks on campus.